War Memorial Restoration Project Update - January 2024

The annual Festival of Remembrance was held on 12 November 2023 where the community came together to remember those who have fallen within WW1, WWII and recent conflicts. Our gratitude is given to all those volunteers who made it possible.

The 2024 Festival will take place on 10 November 2024.

It was however, a poignant and stark reminder of the ongoing deterioration of our beloved War Memorial and why CFoR are proud to be working in conjunction with the Parish Council to try and raise funds to facilitate the specialist work required to repair this important memorial. The substantial costs for the Project, however, will rely on grant applications including the War Memorial Trust, SKDC, National Lottery Heritage Fund and FCC Communities Foundation. There is a lot of demand on these funds and we will not know if any of the applications have been successful until January/February 2024.

CFoR fundraising commenced in May 2023 included static collection boxes and events selling crafted items made by volunteers hosted by the Village Hall, Co-op, the White Lion and the Grantham Veterans Breakfast Club. There was also a raffle drawn at the White Lion on Remembrance Sunday This, along with the generous donation from the Frederick Ingles Charity means that CFoR has now ringfenced £3,000 in their accounts for the restoration project and we are continuing to receive pledges of support.