Remembrance Day 2019 update

Ticket sales for our Remembrance Hamper which is on the bar at the White Lion and holds just shy of £500 worth of goodies has raised nearly £200! Tickets cost £2.50 per strip or 3 strips for £5.00, please purchase some as this is to raise money for a great cause!

CFOR would like to thank Mrs Helen Birch for her £50 donation to the fund, Helen purchased two batches of Poppies from Jackie Taylor - thank you.

Mrs Jackie Taylor and the "Poppy Ladies" are still working hard with knitting and pinning poppies to our "Weeping Poppy Wall". The wall is being laid out for the first time tomorrow where even more will be added.

You will all be able to view the wall which will be on public display in St John the Baptist Church from Saturday 12th October 2019, Neil will be opening the church from 10:00am and there will be a warm reception when you arrive.