CFoR Poppy Volunteers Working Hard


 The Poppy Volunteers have been busy again over the past 10 months (and are still working hard now) making over 2000 plastic poppies and knitted poppies, all of which will start to be placed around the village from 16th October. The team of volunteers have excelled themselves this year as other items have also been made, including: Decorations...

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CFoR Add Lone Soldier to War Memorial


 he Colsterworth Festival of Remembrance, has partnered with Roll and Scroll again to purchase a bespoke Lone Soldier called 'Tommy' to go next to the War Memorial. Chris Kennedy from Roll and Scroll has kindly built a personalised Lone Soldier statue for Colsterworth village. Standing 5 feet tall it will be an amazing and significant addition...

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A round up of this years Festival of Remembrance.


What an incredible day this years Festival was and the turnout of local people was amazing. The weather was kind which made the day a big success and all the hard work from our volunteers ensured the day ran smoothly. With thanks to the Parish Council for gaining permission to close the roads and Colin Russell for collating our road closure volunte...

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The Roll of Honour for North Witham revealed by Mark Ramage


With thanks to Mark Ramage, Parish counsellor, we can now remember those who served and gave their lives from our neighbouring village that is North Witham. It is so inspiring when our local villages go above and beyond, ensuring those who "gave their today for our tomorrow" are remembered in this way, #WeSaluteYou Mark. Mark also asked for us to p...

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Jackies' "Poppy Ladies" make the Grantham Journal


We were so proud to have the support from our local paper and were honoured to have a full page spread! The poppies have raised a great deal of money and our CFoR Hamper has made £820 so far, please help us get to £1000 before Sunday 10h November 2019 - tickets available from the bar at the White Lion, £2.50 a strip or 3 strips for £5.00, you've go...

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Wreaths for the Colsterworth Festival of Remembrance


With 10 days until our Festival of Remembrance, it's not too late to order your wreath. If you would like to lay a wreath, please contact Mr & Mrs Knightall on 01476 870 918. Wreaths cost £17.50 for a red wreath and £25.00 for a Red, White & Blue Wreath, with all proceeds going to the Poppy Appeal. If you are or would like to lay a wreath, ...

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Remembrance Day Timeline at The White Lion


We hope you can all join us after the service at the White Lion. Debi Heath French of WA Designs is sponsoring a glass of Port to all who have helped with the build up, parade & service, but there is much more going on in our lovely local; Download our poster below and share as far and wide as you can - thank you ;)  remembrance-day-white-...

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1st Colsterworth Scout group contribute to the village display.


Report by Dawn Prentice, photos courtesy of Maurice Taylor After seeing the idea online 1st Colsterworth Scout group offered to contribute to the village display. After a mass collection of empty bottles from homes, schools and villagers we took on the task of cutting and painting the bases, Beavers one night, Cubs the following week. Two fun fille...

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The Grantham Journal visit our Poppy Wall and meet some of the ladies who are behind the scenes.


Today Toby from the Grantham Journal came to our village to meet and photograph a few of Jackie Taylor's "Poppy Ladies". Toby was really impressed with the display and will be covering the display in the next Journal. We had photos inside the church and under the arch outside where Dawn Prentices' little peoples display is taking pride of place. Th...

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Purchase your locally made poppies


Why not take a Saturday morning wander to our church, St John the Baptist Church where you’ll be welcomed by Mr and Mrs Heath selling our lovely poppies and a brew. Show your support, your community needs you!

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CFoR Hamper for Remembrance has raised thus far....


Our fantastic hamper worth £500 has raised so far £643.50 - thank you! The hamper can be viewed on the bar at The White Lion public house in Colsterworth and with other raffle prizes being donated, this is going to be a great Remembrance Day! Brain child Debi Heath French came up with the idea to support the festival and the RBL (Royal British Legi...

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The Weeping Poppy Wall display is launched!


Yesterday saw the launch of our fabulous Poppy Display in St John The Baptist Church, Colsterworth. All the poppies have been knitted by our local ladies, their family and friends and it is definitely worth a trip down to see them. With thanks to Mrs Jackie Taylor for collating the poppies and coming up with this idea which will raise funds for the...

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Poppy ladies gathering ideas for the wall


The wall is all coming together and we are looking at a great launch, we have also landed on Facebook and we have our own page, Like, Share & Tag Friends NOW!!! 

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Remembrance Day 2019 update


Ticket sales for our Remembrance Hamper which is on the bar at the White Lion and holds just shy of £500 worth of goodies has raised nearly £200! Tickets cost £2.50 per strip or 3 strips for £5.00, please purchase some as this is to raise money for a great cause! CFOR would like to thank Mrs Helen Birch for her £50 donation to the fund, Helen purch...

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Bake for our Veterans


Mrs Margaret Winn of Colsterworth has launched our veterans tea & cake on the afternoon of Sunday 10th November 2019 in the White Lion. Margaret wanted to give something back to our Veterans in the way of a thank you. Margaret said "The people we interviewed for 'We The People' book and who are still with us are; Margaret Winn of Woolsthorpe su...

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Remembrance Day Raffle - Local Goodies Hamper


We have launched a raffle of prizes which have been sourced locally from our village for our village and all in aid of our Festival of Remembrance. Brain child, Debi Heath French came up with the idea to support the event with a pot of money, going towards supporting the event happen. A donation to the Veterans Charity will be made from the proceed...

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The Colsterworth Wheeping Poppy Wall takes shape

69385323_907962172918280_8830090712012816384_n Colsterworth Weeping Poppy Wall

The Poppy Ladies of Colsterworth got together today to carry on creating the lovely Weeping Poppy Wall which will take it's pride of place in the St John The Baptist Church, Colsterworth from the 1st weekend in October right up until Remembrance Day. Brain child, Mrs Jackie Taylor, came up with the idea and has gathered up so much support from...

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CFoR Meeting


There is a meeting being held with regards to the running and set up of our Festival of Remembrance Day at the White Lion on Sunday 1st September 2019 at 12:30hrs. We welcome ALL residents of our parish to attend and support in any way that you can. If you feel that you can offer some support & your time on the 10th November 2019 or you would l...

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101st Airborne Division - North Witham


Mr Morris Taylor ex Royal Air Force and of Colsterworth, is leading the remembrance of 101st Airbourne & 82nd Airborne Division who flew from North Witham Airfield, as the first who landed on D-Day. Their job was to light up the landing zones for those who would be landing on the beaches. The Pathfinders of the 101st Airborne Division led the w...

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Festival of Remembrance 2018


 Photos courtesy of Mr Stuart Whitcombe

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